Here are just some of the high lights of the quarter                 JULY...........
Ken troutman fron Tennessee was here again. He usually comes with his wife a couple times a year to do crusades in nearby villages. He was in the church in Tarapoto for a visit on a Sunday night. So we thought to take some pictures...Lots of people in the church on Sunday nights and lots of dancing
The choir sings with all their heart, these are just a few of the choir
And lots of little dancers in the church now
Anything more precious than a grandmother and her grandson worshiping the Lord together .....The blessings of the generations
The Evangelists Ken, ministering in the Sunday night service
About 20 or more received Jesus as their saviour this night
Jose loves putting special effects on the projector to project on to the large wall in the church
We were off for a trip deeper into the jungle. Nueva Papaplaya has become one of my favorite places in Peru. Here are some photos of our trip.
This is main street Nueva Papaplaya
The church is at the right, also on main street