3rd QUARTER NEWSLETTER 2007 page 2
AUGUST  continuing.......
We were blessed with the opportunity to meet some of the tribal people who were invited to come to Nueva Papaplaya for the 2 day conference. Pastors from nearby villages were also invited to come and learn from the day time seminar and worship together in the night time services. This was a wonderful time for all. Upon arriving, the men were doing their weekly grass cutting with their huge knives. You can forget your weed-wackers here... all is done by hand
This is the Pastors wife´s kitchen... This is where we ate every day in Nueva Papaplaya
A couple of  photos of our nightly worship services
Zarita and Jessica was with us who have studied dance  under me and now is dancing everywhere
And of course we had special dances in the nightly  services
Moma Telma sang with her tamorine as I danced every night
Moma Telma many times gave the evening evangelistic message in the services with great anointing