3rd QUARTER NEWSLETTER 2007 page 3
AUGUST  continuing.......

These pictures to the right is a story within its self. The house belongs to the mayor of Nueva Papaplaya. His house is a typical house for Nueva Papaplaya. But this day was a change of history for the mayor. Pastor Telma won this man to the Lord and that night - the picture to the upper right - the mayor told everyone that following night in the church that his life has changed for Jesus. everyone cheered and gave praise to God that night
The day time was set aside for teaching seminars, beginning always with worship.
I taught one of those day sessions and followed with ministering and  praying for individuals
This to the right is a tribal home of the chayahuitas. Inside to one end of the house is a platform. This where their children play, eat, sleep, everything. What looks like a pole in the bottom picture is their stairs to their roof and where they store things. There are notches in the pole that they use to place their feet to climb. The other end of the house that is not shown has a place to cook on an open fire.
These are some of the Chayahuitan tribal people. Some speak Spanish and their own tongue. I am with two of the women on the left and Jose was with others on the right. Jose really felt connected to them. We will definately be back to work with these people
We found some time to do some sight seeing. The Pastor from Nueva Papaplaya took us all around Nueva Papaplaya. Some of the paths consists of log walking
We found this tree that was interesting to me and the Pastor told us that this is the fruit that the Indians use to paint their faaces with. So Jose wanted to try it out and painted a little on his face
Above is the fruitīs soft seeds used for paint