Expanding the Kingdom         1st Quarter Report

A fresh vision of going to the inner jungle has wakened anew in me. I feel the  sense to go more than ever now. It seems we are always in preparation for the next thing, big or small, in our lives and my life is no exception to this rule Always the desire must be there first to drive us on. Then the equipping of  whatever will be the assignment of work. We know this but don't we Always want to get ahead of the master plan, and the key is patience to wait. Then in time you will fly like an eagle through those things he has prepared you  for Always i am amazed how each time i go through this process only at little  more profound each time----the richness of it all

We have been in the office much...not where I like to be but at times very necessary,
-working on editing conferences and recording of others work in the church -I have been editing     graphics for future work,. always needing new backgrounds with   graphics and things like that 
-Changed the logo colors of seite veces producciones  which seem to be much   more suited for      us.  Green --in stead of the blue and black---and happens to be   Jose's favorite color
-Redid all business cards, letterhead etc for the productions ministry

We are in need of a new case of VHS blank tapes and a new case of VHSC  blank tapes for recording purposes.

ALSO STUDYING ---trying to make sense of messages I feel is needed to be translated in to Spanish. Jose is very good at answering all my questions and I always have a lot of them. Not only translating but pronouncing those words that need to be said clearly and with understanding is important----It has been very hard for me to learn the Spanish language now into my 3 year of learning and never a dull moment always full of challenges.......not knowing but 2 things when I first came here---God bless you and hello in Spanish....the verbs are the hardest!
I feel a need to have prepared two forms of salvation messages for the inner jungle tribes   1.Expressing the love of god and   2.Who has the real truth---only because  the witch doctors lie so much to the tribal people feeling     left very cold from the experiences thinking this is all there is in life.
But Jesus came to set them free and give them expectance for who they are. He loves them just as they are  and right where they are. There is also the need to learn Quechua and the language of the major tribes of  the Chayawitas. Then there are many dialects of this as well through out the inner jungle I at least need to know some simple fraces such as --how are you-- --God bless you- --what is your name-- to have a connection with them.

-We were busy first with recording a five day conference  For anyone who records conferences knows that always the work after the conference in the office editing things sometimes is more work than the actual recording sessions.
-Then a few days later we had an evangelist came with the union of many evangelistic churches in the area coming together to help for this two day event which was held in my home church here

Pastor Chung from Miami preached a powerful message using actual fire. The congregation was asked to write things they wanted the Lord to change in their life. Then bring to the front to burn the paper as tp say good-bye to those problems. Then for God to make them anew


Diana, originally from Tarapoto now living in the States, danced into the presence of the Lord at the conference. She also taught in the women sessions

This is a day in PERU to celebrate people who have good character, integrity, honesty, and forthright and couragous. So this day every year the Esmyrna Church celebrates by having a parade and festivities following in a park with the ultimate being the word preached.
-Everyone gathered at the church 6pm for a long march to the suburb area called Morales
-Once there a platform was waiting for the musicians to play
-Dancers and drama intermixed for a time to celebrate
-Last but certainly not least was the Word preached by an evangelist from the states along with his wife who  is from Tarapoto


Some picture of the march



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