The Green Dance
The Green Dance- As it has been labeled or the Hungry Dance.
In those early days of prayer for Peru
I asked the Lord for his wisdom,
"How could I be used more effective for Him for this nation?"
He said to me that the people need to be hungry for Him first to receive Him
When they are hungry for Him, He will come and be in the midst of them.
And they will receive Him.
I also felt the call to dance before the Lord concerning this, giving praise and honor to him, loving him in a dance with all my heart and strength and praying focusing on the souls of Peru.
As I would dance with praise honor and loving him with all my heart and strength seeking for more of him, he would show his presence, the people would sense this understanding or not understanding but would want more afterwards which would produce the seeking after Him." The hunger"
And His word says if you seek Him you will find Him
Those that hunger for Him will be filled
Then followed a vision of green, white and yellow in the dress,
For the hearts burning for Him -2 fire flags made by a sister in Florida with the flag of Peru in the middle, a worship ring of green, gold, white, and bells- like an ancient tambourine.
After all the preparing under the guidelines of the Holy Spirit for materials, dance clothes, song etc; He spoke to me again.
He told me where I dance; this would be a tool in his hand in conquering this land for His name sake and for His glory
I would be in the hands of our Lord as a tool, a forerunner making way the path of the Lord
Oh how I want Jesus to sweep over this land and be His and His alone         That these people would receive Him as Lord and burn in their hearts as a consuming fire for Him, that His Word would be written on the tables of their hearts that He would be their God and that the people would be His people