Expanding the Kingdom         1st Quarter Report

Then a few days after that, Champions for Christ was here again this year for 3 days teaching and preaching. This time a group much younger came from the colleges in the states... more are catching the vision for for longer term mission work here in Peru and 2 of the champions for Christ fill the need to stay on in Peru and reach the city kids with their connection to sports mainly in basketball.

They all --meaning each person who comes on the mission field here, be it 4 days or their entire life--each person that comes has their own story to tell and each one is used to glorify God in one way or another in the lives that are impacted by these testimonies. "They have overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimonies"
---------------THE VISA-----------------
Yes, the visa was up for renewal again. The laws changed and so in turn did the paper work to some extent this year. My secretary-friend, Angelica was in the immigrations office in Lima nearly everyday of the month of February on behalf of me and Pastor Jaime who also needed paper work done for my visa this time. ahhhhh....changes, changes A missionary friend who is here in Tarapoto at this time reminded me "It's just to keep me on my toes" and so it seems. With the dead line the end of the month to finish the renewal process and only 2 days left in the month and 120 dollars later - I received my renewal for my visa. Thank you God! I have never heard Angelica sound so happy on the other end of the telephone when she told me the visa cleared. The process was tough this time but God is always on time. We recently found that all new governmental laws and anything of a legal matter are posted in a newspaper called "El Peruano". The ministerio de Justicia was nice enough to tell Angelica this when she was there to do some of the visa processing. This governmental newspaper has a section concerning immigrations affairs. We know now that Peruvian citizenship is a process of maybe 7 months from what we have seen so far with the experience of others reported in the newspaper. And so this means I need another year for a visa in February 2006 as well because my 2nd wedding anniversary is in August and 2 years is required before registering for citizenship. Until next year............ I start the renewal process all over again but hopefully just one more time.
-plans to go to pueblos near sisa were completed this month.
These near by villages to sisa are north of Tarapoto and don't have electricity or running water
They retrieve water from a nearby river for everything and do all their work by
the light of the day ...very typical and normal to them.
---------Incaico and Sinami
On our way to Incaico we pasted many little villages until we reached Sisa, a town much like Tarapoto here but much smaller. Past sisa and a few more small villages and Sinami as well until we reached our destination of Incaico, pronounced in-ki-co. This town was like one of those end of the road places. I don't think the road continues on to another town past this point. Not long after we arrived in Incaico we had a water baptism of 12 people including the new pastor and his wife of the branch of Esmira Church that has been planted in this pueblo. The baptism took place in the river. The river flows along side the little village. and along side the river is a beautiful mountain range ...just breath taking. I had a vision for this place of yellow for a prophetic dance for them. Yellow many times in representing joy of the Lord which I knew then had something to do with joy for this church. As I listened to their praise and worship time in the service that night ..they were songs of joy, almost everyone of them. I didn't know this before but God did. The song I felt for this place was about the glory of God. I shared with the congregation about the vision of yellow and the song. As I was explaining about the song I told of the glory cloud that would appear in time in this church. and as I was saying this I saw the cloud close to the ceiling ...afterwards I shared this with the pastor of seeing the cloud in his church. I hope he understood what I was sharing with him. The people in this place had such giving hearts . What ever they had they gave to us as our offering . I was so moved by their selflessness.
Then after a day and night in Incaico, the following morning after Easter morning service in Incaico, we headed for Sinami which was 15 minutes by car from Incaico. All these little villages follow along side the same river and mountain range. Upon arriving we had our lunch then headed for the river with a group from the branch of Esmirna Church from Sinami for their water baptism ceremony. What a wonderful way to have Easter with a baptism in the river.
That night I danced with Moma Telma singing. I had felt that that is what the Lord wanted and sure enough my sound system I brought with me was not working when the guys tried installing it. I told the congregation the Lord has something planned a little different than how I usually dance. I talked to Moma Telma about a special song for that night to sing while I dance. The movements of the dance and the tempo and words sung flowed together so smoothly as if we had rehearsed for a long time...yep the Holy Spirit was certainly in control ... and the Lord knows I love to be used in this way. Jose and I felt to help this congregation with video tapes as they have a small generator for watching videos and sound for their church in the evenings. There are no others in this village that had power like this or any other kind and so for that reason the people are all ears when church service starts weather they come to service or not. The loud speakers which are placed on top of the church for the whole community to hear the service. They have been very successful at winning souls this way. We will be supplying videos like the Jesus movie so the church in Sinami can show this to their community in winning everyone to Jesus. I am excited about the zeal and wisdom this church displays greatly for the work in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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