Expanding the Kingdom         1st Quarter Report

We are wanting to go more often into the inner jungle which is east of Tarapoto. Life of many in the jungle regions of Peru is very simple. For this reason we are praying for the Lord to give us a generator to do crusades in the small pueblos and the inner jungle tribes at night. The people have nothing to do in the evenings but go to sleep or talk to one another. Evening services with videos would be a great thing in the eyes of the people .....An event they would never forget....An opportunity for the one true God to be real to them. Please help us pray for the need of generators to do God's work. With the help of generators...... think of the possibilities......These type of people, most never have seen a movie in their lives. The realness of the Jesus movie.
Jesus becoming real to them. We take for granted the television but the small people from puebloes don't know of this. A movie is like real life to them. Can you image the impact. Which leads to the next thing on our prayer list---a multi media projector that plays vcr tapes and computer displays as well. These 2 things are expensive but my God is a big God and we are waiting for Him to supply these things. The next on the list is to pray for those willing to stay for a time and teach the people who would receive Jesus as their Lord. A good discipleship program is in place in the church now here in Tarapoto. There could be those trained from the church to leave for this purpose
We need for workers to be willing to go and teach discipleship and worship for them for at least 2 weeks at a time raising up one in particular to lead as pastor in time. God knows who--- when--- and how.

When it is winter in the states it is summer here. This year we have had more rain than usual than in the past years. Less rain has been more typical because of all the deforestation happening and the building of more roads and buildings...Tarapoto is growing quite fast with now many suburbs. Years ago this area expected to have lots of rain because of the dense forests but they are not so since as before at least near the jungle cities.....I have been praying for more rain this year because there are rivers at times very very low and is in great need. This water comes down from the mountains to supply the towns people. If you have never experienced the thunder in the distance on the edges of the mountains and watched how it moves over them you have missed a real treat of God s handy work. ---it is so beautiful. I have a house close enough to the mountains that I can watch this wonder every time the rain starts high up there--its very beautiful. It makes for a muddy day like today, on the roads that are still not yet paved which are many. You just kind of need to think of those days when you leave the house that you are on an adventure and enjoy it with this kind of attitude. Yes we are blessed---this also means we have water in the house every day but not all day long---depending if the pipes from the mountains don't get clogged up with mud when the rain falls hard. Now if the garbage pick up could just be regular I would have thought I died and went to heaven.  I still wouldn't live anywhere else on the earth but there. When God places you somewhere..... you just cant get any better peace than that

---Saturday Mornings

Directly across the street from where I live is an Adventist church. The sound from the church fills my house every Saturday morning. Early in the morning I hear songs from the church that I used to hear from long ago. My Saturday mornings are filled with wonderful memories when I hear those old hymns. Brings back memories when I was not but 9 years old of when I used to go with my Mom to the Methodist church in town in Defiance, Ohio sometimes on Sunday morning...all those old songs and a wonderful time with my Mom. I remember always feeling so good after church as my Mom drove away to head for home. Then later when I received Christ as my Saviour at the age of 19, I first attended as a new believer an old time Pentecostal Gospel thump´n church in the same town and they played all the oldies too. Was great times I remember......just wanted to share this with you, mostly this part I wrote for my Mom.

I would like to go back to Cococho again. They will have their annual anniversary of the church in Sept again. These people usually celebrate for one week. I would like to go towards the last days of this event only to stay on afterwards and travel to all the small puebloes around this area under the supervision of Pastor Aladino who is the pastor at Cococho. Cococho is a beautiful place that sits high up in the northern mountains of Peru. You can sense the presence of God there like no other place I have experienced in all my travels. I have an invitation to go from the
pastor and his son---they REALLY want me to come again. Please help me pray for the provisions needed to go and the divine appointments to be set in place.

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