Had a week of helping with a medical campaign
I translated for the nurses...that was hard work
the doctor and His wife who is a nurse who came to help were the only ones on the team that were not saved
Close to the end of the campaign, the doctor and his wife received Christ as their personal savior......we were all praying for them
Update on the girl i have been helping (the one who all her ancestors were witches)
She says now she doesn't live with negative thoughts any more, she shines on her face , she keeps a victory all the time now and guess what....her mom just received Jesus
So next week for discipleship class, she will join her daughter and soon she will be baptized
I plan to take a motorcar and get her baptized in the river, this is when the certificate from the Raglands came in handy, to be certified to do this is going to help allot because no one else could do a baptism right now except for me

Now they can truly clean the house of all evil spirits, they will have a peace for the first time in their lives to have a house filled with the peace of Jesus
All I can say is thank you Jesus to be able to watch the wonderful things He is doing in the lives of this girl and now her mother....to go from witch craft to glory
Working on translating another book for women.
Working on my prophecy book as well. This is turning out to be more like a long term thesis paper that doctors have to do to graduate. Will be more like a reference book when finished and will be in Spanish first then English.
Also have been working with a new church which has basically more youths. They are learning the teachings from Barbara and George Ragland. First the videos of them and then expended with deeper studies where is needed.