Mid Year Newsletter 2013


Lauree and Jose

I know its been a long time since I sent a picture of us.
So here we are in the office on a typical day.
I have a camera now that takes 3 pictures automatically in 10 seconds. Jose set the camera and ran to sit down.

I have only taken a few photos in the past 2 years, just got away from taking pictures. I have for the past 2 years done more deliverance sessions, counseling, writing books and
discipline which is hard to take pictures of those sorts of things. Now I am doing more conferences and teaching meetings along with all the rest that I have been doing. So i will
try to start taking more pictures especially for my dear brother who recently came to the Lord so he can see what I've been doing. Praise God...the word says "You and you
household" meaning family. I claim them all for the glory of God.

Below will show you some highlights of some of the events

April 2013

Women's conference in one of the Tarapoto churches. there are so many churches
in Tarapoto now. I was guest speaker for the afternoon


These 2 photos were taken at a women's meeting
where I have begun to teach a 4 course series from the cleansing streams program. This program finishes with deliverances of many things in their lives to live much freer in Jesus

This is just one of many streets in the market area of town where we buy some of our food...Just to give you a glimpse  of what it is like here

In the following months I will send more newsletters with pictures
God Bless