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We took taxi cars from Tarapoto to Urymaguas as usual. Stayed overnight in a house owned by a good friend of Pastor Jaime. In the morning we met with Pastor Catenillas of the branch of Esmyrna Church in Urymaguas to schedule the conference -church anniversary for the  month of October for a team from Florida coming to Peru. We met with, and for me the first time, the pastor from Papaplaya who came in on boat to meet us and buy supplies for his store and church to take back with us.
The boat from Urymaguas to Papaplaya----
I WAS SO EXCITED TO GO TO PAPAPLAYA -Left late morning april 02,  was 8 hours on a 30 foot canoe like boat with a motor and a cover..that was the wonderful part because without the cover you really fry on the river. It was a very pleasant trip, just cruising along , very tranquil. theres times to nap in a hammock if you like, or read a book, witness to others about jesus, sing whatever..
POPA JAIME RESTING IN THE HAMMOCK,  MOMA TELMA AND I SITTING NEXT TO POPA....MY FAMILY -   There was two little boys especialy I remember who came close to where Moma Telma and I were sitting..rather they knew it or not was not the issue..but they were looking
for a closer touch of the anointing from Moma. Children seek out the anointing of God.  She always draws the children and this was no exception. I said to Moma that this little one wants to know Jesus. She immediately led him through the sinners prayer to receive his salvation from the Lord . After this I felt a childrens song was in order but I dont know any myself in spanish as of yet. Still lacking quite a bit of things in Spanish like childrens songs for example. Moma taught the boy to sing a christian song and then his brother a little younger came by and she offered the same. The little brother was really shy so they both received some bread she had. Moma always has something to give even if its just bread for the mouth and bread for the soul A time with the pastor from Papaplaya on the boat--------------------------
As pastor was looking over his new study material he just received from Moma Telma to help him grow more spiritually...He said to me in that moment he remembered a dream he had and I was in his dream. Kind of surprised me but glory to God. Now I felt I had the interpretation to his dream which I explained to him using scriptures for back up and experiences with pastor Jaime as a way to help him relate to the interpretation...I could see he was enlightened by all this. Then I told him I had a vision of a prophetic dance for his church and that I had prepared it according how I was lead by the Holy Spirit and explained the significance of the dance.
The vision of the dance and its significance---
Not long after knowing I was going to Papaplaya I had a vision of myself in white spinning with a flag later to understand I needed my rainbow skirt cover and my rainbow fire flag. The song was mostly instrumental for the dance but when I heard it as I was listening to various songs in my office 2 days before, I knew this was it for the dance. I knew this meant white for holiness- God wants this for this church on a greater level. The rainbow -the promises of God and spining in the dance representing the stiring up of the gifts of God for the edifying of the church and a witness to the community. A second dance which was ordered by God years ago was the hungry dance that was to be danced in every pueblo representing the hunger for God to take place in each town. When they are seeking Him they shall find Him . I felt the glory of God some day soon will fall in the church changing lives drasticly as well as miracles and the ones that are goats cast out of the church. As in the days of acts-the towns people will also fear god greatly. no one dare enter the church with a resisitance of sin or they could die to enter the house of God. I am so looking forward for Gods glory to be so strong on the church again as in acts but even stronger the Bible says for those last days before His appearing in the clouds for a church spotless with no wrinkles

Maybe this was Gods way of having him ready to listen to the vision of the prophetic dance by having me in one of the pastors dreams. Pastor Juan Shapiama was excited by all this. Later I shared with Pastor Jaime everything..I always try my best to let him know as much as I can about things especially when it involves pastors under his authority.
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