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2nd Quarter Report    PAGE 2
Lets just say I had a great time. I got a great camera shot with the camcorder of the sunset just before it turned dark and then we arrived in Papaplaya. Papaplaya is the last stop for this boat so everyone got off here and slept for the night. JUST BEFORE REACHING PAPAPLAYA, THE SUNSET WAS BREATH-TAKING
Arriving in Papaplaya
Felt a little disoriented landing on the shore and not being able to see the town or anything because by this time it was completely dark.This pueblo has no electricity , only on occasions. Finally to the house we were to stay at which was the pastors house for the next 2 days.That night we had a service in the church by candle light before retiring for the night. There wasnt much sleeping for me ,
so wound up from the boat ride, and lots of noise for a long time out side the house as the local disco tech was in full swing, screams of girls and what not was more than I really wanted I hear for the night . Awaking at 5 in the morning in Papaplaya from the sounds of others moving around, talking loud as they prepared for the days work ... just laying in the bed praying while along side me, Jose slept soundly until 8am to rise and start the day. This was the same day the pope died. It was heard all over Papaplaya from the loud speakers that the municipal building has on top of their building. Speaking of the municipal building- people can actually get married with their civil wedding in this government building. this building is nicer than all the other buildings in Papaplaya  with tile on the walls , glass windows, satelite dishes, the works which no one else has there in their houses. It kind of sticks out from amoung the rest of everything else.
Sunday School - Escuela Dominical--------------
There were about 25 kids that started out for the beginning minutes of church then gradually more up to 50 in all. They learned about Moses and many songs and scriptures. Afterwards handed out little toys and candy to the kids.


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