Expanding the Kingdom   
2nd Quarter Report    PAGE 3

My example to follow-------
This time in giving.....as I watched Moma Ttelma give out clothes, there was alot of young ladies in her room. I gave all the clothes I brought for gifts to Moma to hand out, all but a pair of jeans and a top. The jeans and top were for the cook in the kitchen who served us every meal we had in Papaplaya. I gave Moma the rest of the clothes because she is so much better about
knowing who should get what. She is an exam0ple of Jesus in every way in her life and I know the Lord has allowed me to be with her to observe and learn. I have been blessed by God so extremely to have the privlege to be next to this women. She and Pastor Jaime are my greatest teachers. I am blessed and so touched in my heart by Gods favor to let me be close to them. I only want to be more like Jesus and they are the perfect examples. The atmosphere was a little different than that of Incaico when clothes were handed out because there was a little older group of women with their babies as she handed out little girls clothes along with skirts for the women, her only under slip for herself as she said to one of the women ,take this I can make another one.
Lunch Talk-------
One of our lunches in Papaplaya had an interesting conversation. I was asked where I have been in the jungle before. I told them Santa Sofia, Nueva Papaplaya, Triumfal, and a tribal village I didnt remember the name. They imediately told me the name . The history of the North American team that had been to these places spread far and wide. I remember the village tribal cheif and most of his wives giving their hearts to Jesus as Belarmino, from Tarapoto gave the Gospel message and invitation. I was told that now there is a pastor and a church in place in this village. praise God. That was such great news to me.
The night of lights-------
The last night, sunday night, we were in Papaplaya the pastor paid for the electricity to be turned on for three hours for the whole pueblo. This would be the time of the evening service. So many were out on the streets that night. When the power was turned on you could hear the people shouting yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Was a happy moment. This expence cost the church 300 soles which is almost 100 dollars, for only 3 hours. That is a lot of money just to have power for the town for 3 hours. Now the Sunday night service would be held in the street so everyone could see and hear with lights. There were many onlookers in the distance, a few came a little closer. It was a wonderful night. Moma Telma preached a great message of salvation. Her voice without a microphone carries a long ways. Another reason she preached that night  so all could hear because the church has no sound system. I danced the dance of white in my vision fulfilling what I knew the Lord wanted me to do and the hungry dance.
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