END OF 2002 & FIRST QUARTER - 2003 Newsletter

Isaiah 61:1-4(NIV)- "The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives , and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion--to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD, for the display of His splendor. They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations."

Foundations of the Ministry

At the first meeting of the beginnings of the ministry, all the leaders for each ministry department were present. The different departments are: music, prophetic dance, intercession/deliverance, secretarial, interpreters, and technical/sound. Pastor Jaime was there for the first meeting as he is the head overseer for the ministry in Peru. The intercessors group met for their first meeting one week after the leaderís meeting. There were about 10 people that met. The dance team at this time consists of the leader and myself. This would be added to shortly. Music team will consist of a number of different groups that will travel with us at various times. The secretary will be assisted by two other people at this time. The interpreter will attend to the technical/sound needs in the beginning.

The interpreterís skills increased rapidly which was needed for the upcoming schedule planned within the next month for the following two first months.

We wanted to have pointed out at the first foundational meeting was the one about God using the weak things to confound the wise in wonders that He would do through this ministry. As I (Lauree) listened to the testimonies of the people that God had called to join this team, it was evident that this scripture was truly what God had in mind for us. All of us know that it will be God that will show Himself mighty through the wondrous works that He will show forth to bring the people of Peru to the saving knowledge of Jesus.

Please pray for each group leader, the upcoming recording studio and equipment, the increasing number of fervent prayer warriors, and the wisdom of God needed for the leaders especially the intercessor leader who as you know is a key player in the mighty move of God.

I call forth more intercessors for expanding the foundation, extending the territory and broadening the horizons of the kingdom of the Most High God to reach out to the extreme four corners of Peru.

Arise! Oh Mighty Warriors!

Fitted for battle, for we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. Take the spoils of the enemy in Peru, for this country is our heritage, Oh Mighty Warriors of God.

Praise and Worship with Prophetic Glory Rings

Before leaving for Peru March 6, 2002, I fasted and prayed for three days. During that time, the Holy Spirit directed me to make a glory ring. After I finished making the ring, He asked me to take it with me to Peru. Not only did He want me to take it on the trip but He wanted me to worship dancing with it to a song entitled Surrender (Vineyardís Hungry CD) in front of my home church in Tarapoto. Upon my obedience through this my first prophetic dance, the Holy Spirit birthed prophetic dance ministry in the Smyrna Church.

The latest ring that I made at the workshop in Springhill, Florida is called the Remnant. When Jennifer Joy shipped me the books for the Glory Ring Workshop, she packed them in fabric remnants. Upon opening the box,

I knew that remnants were for the glory ring I was to make at the workshop. There were many remnants in varying lengths, widths, and vibrant colors. The Holy Spirit had me make the ring on an oval hoop, which is symbolic of a season of stretching. I attached white roses, multicolored braided cording, white rose ribbon, tulle, and more. The ring is designated for Peru as a tool for spiritual shakings.

April 5, 2002

This was the first time that I preached in Lima. Lima was wonderful. A lot of prophecy was given to the people in the church. Everyone was changed. The service lasted for four hours.

In Tarapoto when I returned I was protected from almost everyone in town visiting me. I was staying most of the day in Moma and Papaís house spending time in prayer and fasting for preparation of the upcoming days ahead.

One night later I visited two branches of the Smyrna Church mission. Evangelist Ken Troutman was also there. He brought his guitar and preached. Then we both ministered to everyone. The Lord gave me the interpretation for a dream that a young girl had had. The interpretation was that she would preach someday when she has filled her belly with the word of God. It was awesome.

The next church had an older woman who was blind. The Lord told me my last trip that she had unforgiveness and a generational curse resulting from this. When she confessed and forgave, I felt a great power surge that knocked her to the floor. I began to claim her healing for her and the re-creation of her eyes. Her eyes were totally white and then the brown in her eyes was beginning to come back. I believe that God is going to totally restore her sight. I fasted for this dear sister and other things. I also was told that she has a sweet voice for singing praises to the Lord.

I have been given many prophecies since I have been here. Many for the work in Peru.

The Smyrna Church sees the vision that God has given me entirely and is committed to help me in seeing this come to pass as God leads.

March to May 2002 in Peru

During my season in March-May in Peru, I attended many pastorís meetings with Pastor Jaime and Telma and was given the opportunity to speak at a few of the gatherings. We stayed in Lima for two days preaching in the Smyrna Church one of the evenings. I spent a great deal of time teaching English to the translators as well as learning Spanish from them. I preached at the womenís meeting in the Smyrna Church.

I traveled for 10 days with the Evangelist Ken Troutman. While with him, I helped minister at the crusades in the plazas in different locations and preached in two of the churches. Many miracles, healings, salvations, and deliverances happened.

Upon arrival in Tarapota I ministered with the glory rings and continued at times through the entire stay to minister with them.

God made it clear that Tarapoto was my home and showed me the house to buy. This is now where I lovingly call home. It is just a block away from the church office building. The office has been built on the 3rd floor of the Smyrna Church headquarters.

The ministry team is continuing to grow and now has a professional group based out of Smyrna Church that will travel with me.

There continue to be many one on one ministry of deliverance, counseling, and healing. Praises to the Lord!

August 21, 2002 in San Juan

Today I kept hearing the word "garden" only. So I pulled out my notes from Pucallpa and began to study them. Pastor David and Pepe called Luis and I to tell us early in the day that I would be preaching and ministering at a cell meeting and that Luis was to translate. Just the day before on a construction site with his uncle, I said to him (Luis) that he would be translating sooner than he thought. I didnít know at the time how prophetic that was.

Luis had been preparing himself for this knowing that he is called to translate for me. It was prophesied that we would work together in ministry confirming what God has spoken to us individually.

Without studying any notes, Luis did a great job translating. That night and other times, I did not give an invitation for salvation. Out of 20 people there, one came forward to receive Christ. I always stand in awe at how the Holy Spirit grabs hold of the hearts of people.

I gave an invitation for the believers to stand if they wanted to see God move greater in their lives having preached to them how to attain this and then praying over each one a few words of prophecy and a vision for the pastor of an overflowing fountain from him carried out into the streets. What a vision of encouragement to this pastor.

This night to preach was a hard one for me because to me it did not seem to flow as I expected. But evidence that God was at work and the anointing was the salvation of a precious soul and the wonderful vision for the pastor.

September 8, 2002-- New Beginnings

At the Border

All went well arriving at the check point just before the border of Chile and Peru. Then at the border the official told me that I could not enter. My passport was not in order because my new passport did not have the older stamp for entering the country. This meant that I needed a form to fill out. These forms were back in Tacna. We had already paid the driver enough money to get us this far so to turn back would not be good. Waiting until the officialís offices opened was another problem because elections are going on in Peru. That means that everything is shut down and a weekend to top if off.

I had been praying for favor this check point two days before until now by the order of the Holy Spirit not knowing this or any of the things I would encounter on the way to this point. The official "just so happened" 
to have one form of what I needed to fill out to show for the missing stamps in my passport. Luis filled it out for me and paid the fee for the form. Yes, you pay for forms here and then there need to be copies made.

The store for the copies to be made was closed. Out of nowhere Luis sees a boy who offers to make copies for him. The impossibilities were turning out to be possibilities today.

The border official at first had no intention of doing anything for us but in time while there I saw Godís hand move this man to do things that he would not normally do for someone. He had a puzzled look on his face as if to say "I donít understand why I need to let you pass through this border check but I will." Thatís my Father for you. He really wanted me in Chile on this day.

There is a significance to the happenings on this whole trip from Tacna to Chile and back. I now can stay in Peru 90 days longer and finish my residential visa along with a crusade this month, a conference when I get back into Lima, and later in the month Jennifer Joy is to come.

Back to Tarapota from Lima

November 26. 2002

It was an interesting trip meeting the Raglands in Lima. It was their first time in Peru. They accustomed to traveling into other third-world countries. So this made my job of receiving them easy. They did a little sight seeing before leaving Lima along with ministering in a couple of churches. Luis, Javier (both natives to Peru), their companion Linda, and myself helped them minister after the teaching segments were over after each service. The Raglands taught the people how to be set free from generational curses as well as healing.

In the two churches in which I personally helped minister, I was blessed with the opportunity to pray for a woman who came to the service with a leg brace. For the glory of the Father she received complete healing in her legs and no longer needs her brace. If you could have been there to see her face! What a joyous moment for me.

In another church there were many set free of pain in the head and legs. One lady had arthritis and her legs were very swollen. The generational curse of arthritis was broken, the spirit of arthritis was commanded to be loosed from her, and a reconstructive miracle proclaimed into existence along with commanding the swelling to dry up. Immediately the swelling went down with no more pain. In her face the look of freedom was evident. How wonderful our God is!

There will be more reports from Tarapoto when we arrive for the Pastorsí Conference. I am expecting many miracles for the pastors who are traveling from all over Peru for the conference which will take place in two days for two days.

As always the mountains flying into Tarapoto are a glorious display of Godís handiwork. Also the clouds were extremely beautiful on this trip. Truly displaying the glory of God.

Pastorsí Conference in Tarapoto

The conference for the pastors was a great success. Many pastors have learned valuable tools for setting free their flocks from bondage and how to stay free. I remember distinctly a boy who was deaf and could not talk. Now this boy, days after the conference, is learning how to speak more and more every day listening carefully to those who are teaching him how to speak.

During Thanksgiving weekend George and Barbara Ragland came to Tarapoto to teach the pastors and their leaders in their churches who work along side of them to be set free from all bondages of the enemy--which in turn the pastors could take these teachings back to their congregations to see their churches set free--then teaching their congregations how to do the same thing.

Many pastors from every area that is under the covering of Pastor Jaime attended the conference. Much was learned by the pastors for the benefit of their churches that they would return in a few days and put to practical use of ministering more effectively than ever before for the advancing of stronger brother and sisters in Christ for His glory.

Many were healed and set free from addictions, curses, sicknesses, and bondages of every kind and received miracles in their lives. Godís Kingdom was mightily advanced through this two day powerful teaching conference.


Just before Christmas and after the Pastorsí Conference, I visited a pueblo called Aucaloma.

In this town of no running water or electricity, the people want so much a pastor that will be there on a regular basis. They want someone that they can depend on. I went with the team of Sons of Thunder to this town in the low lying mountains near Tarapoto. Ines from my team accompanied me to do puppets for the children. And at the last part of our stay there I helped with the ministering. Many curses were broken off the women who were complaining of dizziness and feminine problems put on them by a local witch.

Witches give them false healings that last for a short time and at the same time become in bondage to evil spirits. Now these women are set free and healed permanently. Praise God!

I taught them briefly on why it is not a good idea to go back to the witch for anything because God in this day had truly set them free. None of them had anymore complications. They were truly free with smiles on their faces.

I remember a baby who doctors in Tarapoto said that there was no hope. The mother was told to take her baby home and make it comfortable until it died. But God had a plan that day for this baby. As the curses were broken and reconstructive miracle proclaimed for the baby, he opened his eyes and began to make sucking motions with his mouth. The first time any life was shown in this baby in a long time. Days later a medical team went back into this area and noted that this baby was healthy and was eating normally. Praise His Name forever!


Just after Christmas, my team and I visited for the first time Cococho. The mountains were the most beautiful that I have ever seen. I could see a city from Cococho which is based on top of a mountain.

On top of another mountain was another city slightly a little bigger. I sensed the presence of the living God in this place so strongly as I looked over the beautifully green sloped mountains. It reminded me of the spectacular mountains from the movie Sound of Music. Most of the people seemed a little distant. I think that it was because of not seeing many Americans or the technical equipment or for that matter the brilliant dancing gowns.

Cococho was a place for confirmations also. Directions in my life for the ministry were confirmed through prophecy so strongly like never before. The prophetic dances performed in Cococho were a time of interceding in areas the Lord had shown me needed to be addressed for the furtherance of the churchís walk as a whole and to stir hunger like never before in this mountain town for wanting more of God and His Word.

As preparing for the theme dance colors yellow, red, and orange-Elijah fire---God wanted to see this kind of fire released in Cococho. I saw a vision of this fire falling from heaven as Ines and I would dance for the purpose of changing lives. While practicing this dance in Cococho, Luis, who is the productions manager and translator of our team, saw a vision of this and with his talents drew his vision. Confirmation was supplied of what God wanted to do here. This picture drawn by Luis has become a treasured picture for me that I will always keep.

A prophetic word was preached along with the following day of teaching of basics of dance. Pastor Aladino wants to have my team back to teach in depth about dance and I will try to bring the Sons of Thunder team with me as well to help in reaching the youth of the area. We are possibly looking at April for this ten day event.









Dance Workshop in Cococho

This is what we shared in the workshop.

"As Ines and I prepared for this time with you, we could see God wanting to change the hearts here setting them on fire. I knew that the Fire would fall, as we dance to the One we truly love and want more of in our own lives, burning all that was not of God away for you and letting a Holy Flame burn bright to change the hearts and lives of others around you."

Champions for Christ Conference

I was given the responsibility to co-coordinate the conference. January 22nd I met with team from Texas in the Lima airport and helped them with all their needs for food and lodging. The 23rd we were off to Tarapoto for the conference. I need to interject here that the brothers and the sisters from the Smyrna Church in Tarapoto worked very hard to put this conference together. So everyone was very excited when the Champions for Christ team arrived at the Tarapoto airport with a wonderful welcoming committee.

Dave Jamerson was the leader of the Texas group bringing with him famous athletes who have been sold out for Christ. While in Tarapoto they taught on living a life of excellence for the Lord, true champions for Christ. There were healings and prophecy given during the conference. Daveís wife, April, had a dance work shop on Saturday with two wonderful sessions. I believe that the Lord purposely allowed a bonding to begin to take place between Dave and April and Luis and I for the purpose of some future events and ministry growth to happen. There may be a time in the future that Luis and I travel to Texas for the purpose of furthering the ministry God has called us to do for His glory.

I have not said anything up to this point to too many people about some of the possible future things for Expanding the Kingdom ministry. We are looking at the very good possibility of a production studio to be constructed with the capabilities of recording music artists and also of producing advertisements.

Trip to Sorito and Moybamba

I went with the Sons of Thunder group on their crusade. The Sons of Thunder is like the Dream Team in the United States that do such feats as bending iron bars, tearing phone books in half, lifting heavy heavy weights, etc.

I was assigned to the prophetic dance each night. The first night in Sorito was spiritually very tough. There were some strongholds in the town that kept the team members spiritually on their toes. The Lord told me before leaving to dance the "Hungry" song from Vineyard Music with a green dress. I used a green glory ring made especially for the trip. I took the flag of Peru and danced with a fire banner at the same time. In my room at home in Tarapoto I used one of my flags of Peru to cover my window. Then later without thinking I put a fire flag on top of it. It then dawned on me what was happening.

The Fire over Peru. I knew that I had to dance with the two overlaying each other in the dance. So this became part of the dance to the song "Hungry." The end of the song was with a fire ring made by Jennifer Joy.

This ring has many different kinds of scarves. That night the soldier scarf was released from the fire glory ring. That night I knew that God was going to change things in the heavenlies. This was the only scarf that fell of the ring. I was so moved by what I saw of what God was beginning to do. It was a great level of warfare the whole time we were there.

Luis, a brother in the Sons of Thunder ministry who traveled with us said that he felt the oppressive spirits very strongly also. That night we saw many come to salvation in Christ, healings, and some miracles. The power of God was very strong sweeping over the people.

In Moybamba there was a sense of freedom unlike Sorito had when we arrived there. The dance was free flowing with not much hinderances. There was however no ministering afterwards like Sorito. It was wonderful to meet the pastors from both towns. I was invited to come back to preach possibly in the future.

Divine Appointment

On my trip to Pacullpa, I had no idea what to expect only that the Lord had spoken to me about preaching sometime while being there. I took a a native Peruvian from Tarapoto with me. Sharon had divine appointments awaiting her fro her future in the States as a student. She knew about the paper work awaiting her but not all the wonderful things God had in store for her in the jungle and new sisters she would meet in the dance ministry which she excels in.

We landed on the water in an aquatic airplane (a four seater) which is better than any ride from Disney World. Carl who invited me was waiting and video taping our landing. Three teams were there for the conference: one coming from Ireland, another coming from Chicago, and the last coming from Florida. The Florida team represented two different churches. When we arrived the meetings had been going on for two days and we found that God was already moving greatly.

The first day there, I found out that I would be preaching the next day in the evening as a special speaker. The morning of the second day, I began preparing for the meeting. Many hours in prayer followed by a time of studying on the floor in the family room where many of the teams gathered for study as well as prayer meetings. As I began to study, I was listening to a tape put together by Jennifer Joy of interesting topics on spiritual warfare. I felt led to share this with a sister from Florida that was studying also in the room. After a short time of talking to her I knew that she was an intercessor---a great intercessor---the kind that is so humble and never satisfied with what they have with Jesus for they are always hunngry for the truth. We bonded in a way that only God can put two people together. Within a short period of time, we both knew that she would be coming to Tarapoto in the future to work on a team with me for short term trips. Also, God had engraved on her heart a passion to begin to pray for Expanding the Kingdom ministries.

Later that night as I preached, she stood at the back of the auditorium and interceded in her spiritual language. After, she followed behind me as I ministered to the people. What a wonderful armorbearer God had sent me for that evening.

That night we prayed together for a while. And as good intercessors are also prophetic, she began to prophecy to me. Confirmation in my heart rose up for everything she spoke. The Lord spoke through her of future divine appointments to be birthed forth and more help to join the ministry which was a confirmation of two previous prophecies. I look forward to working with Phyllis in the future for the glory of the Father for the expansion of His Kingdom.

Prophetic Words Spoken over the Ministry

--Given in a workshop in Springhill, Fla. through a servant of the Lord, Barbara Ragland, Wings of Victory Intíl. (Florida) at a morning service at Living Faith Christian Fellowship

"I see a light at your feet. The rivers of life are going before you into Peru."

--Given through servants of the Lord, Pastor Hall and Tina Jacobs (Florida)

[Note: Hal and Tina did not know that Lauree had rented a Ford Trail Blazer vehicle for her last week in America or that she had received a hammer of the Lord worship instrument the night before.]

"You are a trail blazer sent into Peru. I see that your feet are on fire. The Lord has called you as a pioneer into Peru. Go forth with boldness. The fire of the Lord is going before you. Godís power and might is going to come through you. God is giving you new weapons of warfare. He has an inheritance for you in Peru. God is for you! Therefore, no one can be against you."

During the morning worship service, Laurie Magdalen prophetically danced with blue chiffon river flags over the Peru presentation board which included photos and a map of Peru. Pastor Hal prophetically blew the shofar over the Peru map, Peru flag, and presentation board.

--Many prophecies also were given to me in Peru. I knew that my home country is Peru and that my hometown is Tarapoto for the rest of my life. This was confirmed through prophetic words of three different fellowships in Peru. One of the three pastors had a vision of a plane leaving Tarapoto going to different places but always returning to Tarapoto. God would restore seven times what was taken. In Peru and in the States many have proclaimed, prayed, called forth, and seen an increase in angelic protection surrounding me as I am sent forth.

1 Corintios 13:2 (RVR1960) -"Y si tuviese profecŪa, y entendiese todos los misterios y toda ciencia, y si tuviese toda la fe, de tal manera que trasladase los montes, y no tengo amor, nada soy."

Prayer Needs for the Ministry

-Continuous Divine protection over the computers

-Expedient construction of the house in Tarapoto

-Favor with the counselor for the residential visa

-Favor with Customs for belongings being transported to Peru

-Continued increase in revelation and understanding of the logos and rhema of God

-Increased outpouring of the Holy Spirit anointing on our lives to see Godís mighty hand do miraculous works so that the people of Peru will believe in the One true God


-Musical instruments for the worship bands and multi-media equipment

-More intercessors

-Increased financial donations

-More workers in productions department

-Radio and television stations

Anyone having any information on Spanish speaking ministry teaching cassettes or video tapes---Please let us know as we have many pastors that are seeking these tools. 

Send UPS to:

Expanding the Kingdom 
c/o Ana Gonzales 
4524 Ackerman Street
New Port Richey, Florida 34653
Laureeís Schedule

March 3, 2003--------Arrive in Tarapoto, Peru

3rd week in April-----Ministry work in Cococho (northern Peru)

Last week in April--Teaching seminar in Lima

1-3 of May-- International Pastor's Conference teaching prophetic dance & demonstrations of dance

Production team will accompany Lauree

August-- India with Sons of Thunder Team

November-- Denmark

-- Lima Break Free Conference

We are now researching for future insights into Peruís strongholds. My dear brother Joseph has just given me some fascinating information about one of the gods in the southern part of Peru. If anyone has any new revelation, information, and/or any links in history about the strongholds in Peru, please e-mail it -as we are compiling information.

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Living Faith Worship Center Intíl, Inc.
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Make checks payable to:

Living Faith Worship Center Intíl, Inc. 
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Expanding the Kingdom Ministries,

Lauree Rudolph

Thank You

-A big thank you to Jennifer Joy for the inspiration and impartation of joy.
-Thank you to Mitzi for the work of editing and typing the newsletter. Blessings!

-Thanks to Ana, my best friend on earth, for the use of her home whenever I need it. Blessings!
-Thank you to my friends who have been waiting so patiently on this newsletter. I know a lot of you have been wondering what in the world I have been up to. I know that this newsletter doesnít tell all of what you are wanting to know but as the newsletters to come are issued, I will fill you in on as much as I can. Please know that my time has been spent for the work He has called me to do and most of the rest of the time has been spent in prayer. He has told me to spend much time with 
Him---confirmed through many prophets. Unfortunately this does not leave any time to spend with you-my dear friends. I have not forgotten any of you. I love each one so much. I did not have my annual New Yearís party this year because I was in Peru for the entire holiday and now my house in the States is sold.

Your prayers mean every thing to me my dear family in Christ -I love you, Lauree

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Please remember to keep the above ministries in prayer before the Father that God would multiply blessings back to each one and bring increase of Divine revelation, wisdom, strength, counsel, fear of the Lord, provision, favor, and every gifting and anointing of the Holy Spirit to do what the Father has ordained for each to accomplish to His glory and fame.

Filipenses 1:3- " Doy gracias a mi Dios siempre que me acuerdo de vosotros,"

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