Expanding the Kingdom Newsletter 2010

We are at the end of the year again and so much has gone by in each of our lives

Peru had some minor earth quakes in many parts. We felt some of them but slightly. The economy here is growing and has become the leader for South America. Tarapoto, where we live, has grown and new stores are popping up which also is bringing more people from the coast to live here. There are hopes of solving our water and electricity shortage here in this coming year. However, the Shining Path terrorists are still a threat in Peru and the government is always in combat to eliminate them

For us, Jose my husband is still studying Graphic Design, just about ready to finish his second year. He has one more year to go to get his diploma. His mother has just recently moved in with us because of the condition of her health.

Here is a picture of just one of the many venders that pass by our house on any given day. Just a taste of what it´s like to live here.

This year was a change in coverings for us and am now under the covering of “Wings of Victory Int.” with Barbara and George Ragland, the founders of the international ministry which touches more than 25 countries for Christ

Much of this year has been spent teaching spiritual warfare concerning the spirit of Jezebel in the forefront. The book “Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit” (Descubriendo el espiritu de Jezabel) was finished translated this year and now is going into the hands of pastors and leaders. This book has become a spiritual awakening for many. They are able to see this particular enemy coming and winning over the enemy´s devices. Unfortunately I cannot say that all the churches that have been affected by this spirit have been taking the heed to rid this evil spirit from their church. One church in particular is suffering greatly, loosing many members to their church and I fear the worst is yet to come.

If you have not read the book in English called “Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit” I would suggest you get a copy and learn about this enemy Here is the book hot off the press, a 2 year’s work in translating


We still have people asking for the first book we translated from the authors - Barbara and George Ragland.

The pastors who have learned from their book on spiritual warfare, healing, deliverance, curses and blessings, has become such a hit with some of the pastors that they are asking for more books to teach their own congregations.

Also, I still have counseling work that comes along whenever someone needs help with whatever they are going through at the time.

There are so many little things that happen over a year’s time but I will share just a couple highlights from this year.

In November, there was the opportunity to help translate for a group of people who came from North Carolina for some evangelistic work

My job was to translate during the ministering time which ended up me ministering more than the person who came. The gift of knowledge kicked in as always in times like this - I knew what was wrong for them specifically and prayed as such for each person. We saw some healed of cancer and most of them just needed to have peace in their own homes. Salvation was what they all needed but it was the first time the salvation message was heard by this group of people so we were more sowing than reaping of souls. But that’s ok, someone else will come along and the harvest will be ready for them.

June, I had a new prophetic dance I felt that was ordered by the Lord to do….the message from this dance was about not judging and changing to love one another….I love this new outfit

Here is a picture of my outfit


July was a long month of celebration in Peru especially with the birthday of their nation on the 28th.

Many churches in Tarapoto came together to celebrate and worship the Lord in a daylong event, I had the opportunity to dance in the evening program.

We hope all is well with each and every one of you and we thank all of you for your prayer and financial support.

Have a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year !!

Sincerely Jose and Lauree Serrano