January 2002 Newsletter

Isaiah 61:1-4(NIV)-ďThe Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord as anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness to the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the Lordís favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor. They will rebuild the ancient ruins and replace the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.


                 Hearing the call for the First Time                                                       

In May of 2001, Calvary Chapel Worship Center took an 8 member team to Tarapoto, Peru for a two week mission trip. I signed up for that trip and became one of the members on that team for Peru. The first time that I had heard the calling for Peru was when Pastor Jaime while sitting around his dining room table was telling the whole mission team that he was given a prophecy that the nations would come to him. couldnít speak for anyone else on the team that day but I knew in my heart that it meant more than a week mission trip. It was more like a lifelong commitment                                                                                 

Since that time God has been preparing me for His work that lays ahead for Peru. After finishing one year of ministry schooling to meet the requirements for ministry in the missions, I have begun to go to conferences around the United States also in preparation for the work in Peru.

                   I recently returned  from my second trip to Peru.  I stayed for a month          during the Christmas holidays.      

 Ministry Trip to Peru (Dec./Jan.)

When we first got to Peru we stayed in Lima a couple of days.  Annalise and I visited the new church that was recently opened in Lima.  The associate pastor was preaching that night and we gave our warm greetings to the church.  Most of the rest of our days in Peru were spent in Tarapoto. There were many prayer meetings where God  miraculously healed and restored people.  Other times this happened towards the end of the church services. Other times people would come to Pastor Jaimeís house where we were staying seeking prayer from us and eventually leaving the house miraculously set free and healed for the glory of the Father.  Healings and restorations happened in our two day trip to Moyobamba.  There were also many healings in other towns that we went to on another trip which included Caspizapa and Puerto Rico.   The Lord was not short on any  words that needed to be given wherever we traveled.

Arise oh mighty warriors of God and take your rightful place shoulder to shoulder ALONG SIDE "LORENA"in the battle of the Lord for the expansion of the Kingdom in Peru.



Testimony of Divine Travel Mercies

by Annalise Forster

The night before we were to leave Moyobamba, we held a prayer meeting. Of the people in the meeting, all of us started to feel an overpowering sense of danger and eventually started to feel like we had just been in a car wreck. We began to intercede right away, of course, and we interceded, I remember, repeating a prayer after Lauree. It was more like we were commanding the clouds to stay away from the road back to Tarapoto and basically proclaiming that the trip "home" would be a safe one. And just before we felt released from interceding for this, we called upon legions of angels to protect us as we traveled back to Tarapoto.
The next day as we were leaving Moyobamba we stopped and got gas for the car and did the normal little things that people should do before leaving on a road trip. Five minutes out of town a bus flew past us
coming inches from a collision. Now the Lord has blessed me with a gift of seeing things in the spiritual realm and as that bus whipped by I saw that angels were protecting us and pushing that bus off of us. I felt safe the rest of the way home. As we continued on, not a single cloud crossed the path of the road back to Tarapoto. It was awesome to see the outcome of prayers answered and the confirmation that God really does hear your prayers. We tried to take a picture of the clouds that day but the trees were too thick and the roads were too dusty. Just as one saying goes, "Take caution to what you pray for." With no clouds passing over the roads and no light rains falling, the roads were very dusty---more than normal. Because of this, many of the pictures taken on the way back did not come out. Which was fine because God protected us for the trip home and many more people came to the Lord in the days that passed on that trip. Many more will come to know Him in the future. 

Prophecies and Visions

My desire has been and continues to grow increasing everyday. A great need to see the lost of Peru come to have an intimate relationship with Christ consumed in His flaming robe. I want to lead them into the Promised Land---for the glory of the Father. I envision the nation of Peru standing before the Fatherís throne and glory with all other nations praising His name for all eternity. This desire is so strong it comes from the innermost pit of my heart where I cry out on a daily basis for the entire nation. The name Moses has come to mind many times. Five times now I have seen a vision of a rod while I have been in prayer intensely for Peru. And the Lord has told me to reach up and grab it. Two out of those times, I saw the rod in Peru on my last trip. After the last church meeting I attended before leaving Peru was one of those times I saw the rod.
At the same time a prophecy came forth from an international intercessor that attends the church in Tarapoto. It was that God has sent me to be Moses for the country of Peru. I called for Annalise who came
with me on this particular trip and yelled for he by the name of "Aaron." She could see the rod as clearly as I could as she grabbed the rod and began to hold it up with me.
After this prophecy came forth for Annalise that she was called "Aaron," the person giving the prophecy did not understand English so she had no clue that I had just named her "Aaron" but these were the very words that came forth out of the intercessorís mouth in prophecy. The prophetess then was told by the translator that I had called her Aaron before she had had the chance to say it herself. When this happened many of the ministry heads of the church in Tarapoto were standing in a circle around us in prayer watching as God unfolded His word to Annalise and I.

Offerings of Praise to the Father


We praise You for Your wondrous healings that we have seen You do miraculously in our last trip to Peru in December. We praise You for the elderly womanís regained eyesight and restored vertebrae that was lined up so that she could bend down and touch her toes, just like a young child, totally restored for Your glory. Father, thank You for taking the pain away from a woman who had been cursed for years and is now walking a victory of no more pain in Moyobamba. We thank You for restoring an entire church also in Moyobamba. How Youíve lifted the chains of bondage off the church in the areas of forgiveness. Father, thank You for the souls that were set free under the bondages-- of the many souls that were oppressed by the many demons. How these souls now praise You, Father! May this show glory in their lives for You! We thank You Father for the visions that you have shown us in traveling pre-warning us of danger so that we could intercede to ask for Your divine protection and the victory manifested through each mile we traveled seeing Your glory through divine protection. We praise You for all of the baptisms of the Holy Spirit and the families that have been restored. Glory to You Father for the police force that now attends the Smyrna Church after  being saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Some Areas of Prayer Needed for This Ministry

*Continued divine protection over my computers.

*Continued protection by legions of angels surrounding Annalise and I at all times producing signs and wonders from it.

*Increased outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the anointing of our lives to see Godís mighty hand do miraculous works so that the people of Peru will believe in the one true God.

*An increased understanding of seeing into the spiritual realm and for an understanding of the significance of the colors of the spiritual flames that Annalise sees.

*An increased strength to our bodies to be able to withstand the long hours of laying hands on people.

*A greater increase of wisdom and understanding for the knowledge that is given in prophecy.

*Protection for our families in the United States. 

*A greater strength to Annalise during the times of ministering in deliverance and a greater understanding of what she sees in the spiritual realm during deliverance sessions.

The Prophetic Glory Ring for Peru

In the year 2000 a Prophetic Glory Ring was made for Peru and then the intercessors who prayed over this ring waited for Godís timing for it to be sent into this country. This group of intercessors led by Jennifer Joy from Oregon was given my name by one of my personal intercessors in Florida. After praying over it, God had told them that I was the divine appointment that they were waiting on to send the Glory Ring that they had made and prayed over to be deposited into the country of Peru. This ring was to be a point of contact in prayer for the people of the nation of Peru.
As the ring was presented in church, it was received with open arms. Pastors Jaime and Telma want to present this prophetic glory ring to the church and explain to them the significance of it. Pastor Telma,
I consider her as my mother, is a joyful person who has a song in her heart that she sings opening for the blessing of us all everyday all day long. She longs for her country to know Jesus. Moma led all of us
that were around the table in a song of adoration and thanksgiving for the intercessors that are in Oregon who have prayed over the ring and continue to intercede. One song led to another with a great move of prayer crying out for the nation of Peru. When most were
done praying I felt that I just couldnít stop. It is never enough for me. And then Moma came to me and we fell into each otherís arms and wept with all our hearts for Peru. The Holy Spirit was visiting us greatly and we were feeling the move of the Spirit on our behalf. This nation will not be the same but transformed as a beautiful bride for her bridegroom. The ring was presented to Moma in front of the church the Sunday before Christmas. Everyone is excited with what God is beginning to do. I walked off the platform and handed her the ring. We fell into each otherís arms again and wept for Peru.
I need MANY intercessors. Please pray for them to increase for the work that He has called me to do.
I have claimed Peru as my inheritance, my heritage from the Lord. I have had a brother from Peru prophetically tell me the same thing and now I have found out that this ring that was created in the year 2000
for Peru is called "Godís Inheritance Restored." Coincidence? I think not. Two scriptures that are prayed for Peru in prayer over this ring are: Deuteronomy 8:7-9 and Luke 12:37.

Prayer for Lauree:

I pray His great favor to surround you and His divine protection and guidance be yours in every detail needed. That His presence-His very glory-would be greater upon you and flow from you than every before. That He would strengthen you in the inner man and in the outer man as well.
That you would continually make melody in your heart-that new song would rise-and that you would be led forth in joy and peace and righteousness-in the very Spirit of God.
Wherever you go the Kingdom of God would come and the will of God be done. That He would be glorified and His glory made known. That His awesome Love-the greatest force---would captivate hearts.

Laureeís Upcoming Itinerary

Lauree will be participating in some strategic meetings that she feels that the Lord has put on her heart as part of His imparting and equipping into her life for the ministry that He has called her. As the Lord leads you, pray for her during these times and for her preparation for her next trip for two months to Peru.

February 14 Conference with Bob Jones in Tulsa, OK

February 22 Intíl Prophecy Conf. in Tampa, FL with John Bevere

Feb.26-Mar. 2 Carlos Anacondia in Pinellas Park, FL

March 3 Intercessor Mtg.

March 4 Back to Peru with Aaron for two months


Words are not enough to explain the gratefulness I feel in my heart to the Lord for all of you who have heard Godís voice on behalf of Peru and myself and have prayed earnestly before God for this new ministry. There is no way to express in my heart the awesomeness I feel of seeing God move in your hearts continually praying for this awesome work that God has begun to do and will continue to finish in the expansion of His Kingdom in my country of Peru.

Thank you and many blessings to Mitzi for getting the first newsletter off. May God bless you Mitzi greatly for stepping up to the office of newsletter editor. A big jewel to you in your big crown. You are much loved. I canít help but be attracted to the sweetness of your spirit, a fragrance so sweet unto the Lord.

Note: This is a first effort toward helping to communicate in a newsletter. Anyone who is able to translate into Spanish would be a  great asset. You may communicate with Lauree via her e-mail address:

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