I'm Back and even stronger -


I personally had a terrible brake in one of my legs about 2 years ago, which put me out of business for ministry work for 2 years

So this is the first newsletter in some time

When I began to walk again, I started to teach and preach alot at a church that we had been visiting before I fell

  I taught them many things…. Also danced a few times there . One of the dances is on youtube

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=jBth5dxR7ms


From there just felt that the Lord might be doing something else

Had many rainy Sundays after that and family events to attend to

Jose and I had the flue for a couple weeks after that

Went to Lima a few times to work on my paperwork to try for my Peruvian citizenship, which is still in process

After coming home again, I had 2 invitations for dance in 2 churches with the asking for their help to build a dance team in each church

Winter months of dance.........

Here, we are in our winter months, still is hot though

Was at the libertad  verdadero church, known to me more as Pilar and Adan's church

Their covering from Mexico was visiting

And so for that sun night service was asked to dance

I prepared, bathed in much prayer, for  a dance for that night

The Lord spoke, orange for fire..a consuming fire to start like never before to change those in the church to a higher level of holiness, motions with the ribbons as fire in my vision for this

Then to bring down things from heaven in a worshiping circular motion opening wider as the circles became closer to the floor, then a tap from the tip of the flag gently on the floor

Also a travailing circular motion to birth some thing new in the church


Earlier that day , worked with the newly formed  dance group in the same church. The pastors have asked me to help raise up a group of girls for dance in their church



 All the photos are at this link….

http://s1076.photobucket.com/ user/laureeserrano/library/ 2016/Aug%202016%20group?sort= 3&page=1

The group finished their basic training and a dance exam

Their exam was to each one do their own dance to the Lord

They all received their certificates

Their first dance for the group will be hebrew in nature, all dancing in a circle

They are practicing for the dance that will take place at a later date

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ----------


Another dance at another church with the link to a slide show

Felt like the lord was saying  “holiness” for this particular church

http://s1076.photobucket.com/ user/laureeserrano/slideshow/ 2016/sept%205%202016?sort=3

and video here – volume is really low

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=BDby7bfeCco&feature=youtu.be