The newsletter was sent off to many but never apparently had a copy put on to the website.
I taught quite a bit about the Jezebel spirit as it was making its attacks on many churches at that time here. Some churches overcame the attacks with a lot of teachings sessions given to them and others were not so fortunate for various reasons. Just as each church is its own garden of flowers with a fragrance very distinct and different, and pleasing unto God for the various individuals that made up each church. One church in Santa Cruz had a hard attack. The Pastorís wife was almost killed in a motorcar accident. The assemblies of the order of witches sent a girl to the Pastor to try to entice him (just some of the many strategies of the jezebel spirit)
With a full education of what to do, this Pastor won the victory over the spirit and set his church freeÖ.
After this he received more grace to advance his territory for the glory of God in starting new churches in a wider spread area of territory
Highlights as I can remember were a 2 week trip to Santa Cruz
Visited the new churches planted in the surrounding areas and taught in  the main church in Santa Cruz about prophecy
Unfortunately the photos were lost that were taken of Santa Cruz and the other new works in the surrounding area
I continued to do some extensive counseling and writing for the year of 2012
This year was the year my mother was placed in a nursing home in the states. My son took care of just about everything for her to get her settled in her new home. This was a very trying time for me with her condition. I was not able to go to her to take care of her. The Lord wanted me here in Peru. I think part of Godís purpose for this was that this was a good time for my son to bond with his grandmother
At this same time period my spiritual cover of George and Barbara Ragland with Wings of Victory Int. were taken home to the Lord just within 2 weeks of each otherís departing, This was an even bigger blow to me. So with much prayer will be waiting on the Lord for what He wants me to do concerning a covering.