Our Wedding Pictures

  August 9th, 2003

In  Tarapoto,  San Martin   Peru  S. A.


Practicing the dance for the following night


1st girl is Jose, baby sister - The ring barrer
The two behind are Jose's neices - The flower girls


Parade of the bridesmaid and escorts


Lauree Rudloph soon to become Mrs. Jose Luis Serrano Tovar

The Ceremony   11 bridesmaids and escorts
Pastor Jaime performed the wedding in the church


Leaving the Ceremony


Jose's Step Father   - Lauree   - Jose   -Jose's Mother


Los Pades and Las Damas


The Escorts (Los Pades) are the mimistry Team "Sons Of Thunder"
which we are a part of the team (They are like The Power Team in USA)
They are very special to us.  

Front row: Jose Fernandez, Christian, Tigre, Marco
Back Row : Johnny Saldana, Willy, Omer & his baby boy, Johnny Allevalo, Jim, Chizo, Jorky


The dance at the reception


Off to a one month honymoon


The Civil Wedding  -  In Peru there are two weddings
The Civil and the Church wedding
The civil wedding takes place before the church wedding, always
Jose is signing his name in the books


I'm signing my name in the books


Congradulations from the Mayor of the town
Merales, San Martin


Family and Friends at the Civil Wedding


Witnesses - Pastor Jaime and Telma Gomez with the Bride and Groom


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