The beginnings of the Prophetic Dance Ministry
Sometimes it's like a dream.
Because I could have never believed I would be dancing.
I don't dance like a professional ballet dancer or anything of that nature.
But what I do is what I sense from the Holy Spirit wanting me to do.
With visions of how I am to move or other times more how a flag is to be waved
Or the motions of an ancient tambourine or what they are called more today "worship rings" and how that tambourine is supposed to be used.
All of this in a dance with all of my heart worshipping Him, honoring the lover of my heart and soul.
When it is my turn where ever I am to dance, I take this very seriously because I know the power of God can change lives.

It all started in my prayer room in Florida with many hours of prayer.
Before this time I was introduced to an instrument of worship by a sister in Christ which she calls a glory ring I met from the west coast of the U.S. I was also introduced to flags of various kinds by a brother in Christ in Bradenton, Florida.
I heard the Lord speak to my heart clearly just as if I were talking to you to make a tambourine.
I saw a vision of exactly how was to be constructed And where I was to get the materials for the ring

After I made it I heard the Lord speak to my heart to worship Him with it and pray.
A restoration took place that day for me personally.

I will never forget that day I prayed and worshipped the Lord with my new instrument of worship.
Then he spoke to me to take it with me to Peru
I was not living in Peru at the time
I was only doing one and two month visits but I knew in time I would be living there for the cause of ministry.
He spoke to me of a song from vineyard's collection.
I began to see visions of how the dance was to take place.
All this time it was like I couldn't believe any of this was happening
I took the step of faith into an unknown area and the dance ministry was born.

My first time to dance was in the Mission Esmyrna Church in Tarapoto Peru
This is now my home church and where my spiritual dad is the pastor.
I was very nervous but the call to do what the Lord wanted was greater
I wanted to do this for the one I love most, my Jesus
As I began to dance I could sense the atmosphere changing in the church
People were crying
God was setting some free of bondages
For others'  hearts were healed
And the prophetic dance was also birthed with in the church at this time.
Others with the same calling came to me afterwards and wanted me to teach them
They did not understand until they saw me dance that that was what they were to do as well
I told them only what I knew at that early part of time in dance
"You need to seek the Lord in direction for this
And He will show you everything He wants from you."
One of the sisters in the church later danced with me for a short time
And since then others have danced with me when I felt the Lord speak to my heart about them and they would always feel the same.
Then something from God would seem to come along and confirm all of it
I am amazed how the Lord confirms things and never exactly the same way each time but unique.

I have come to understand now more each day the meaning of some of the movements' colors used and forms of materials.
I recognize this is only a form of worship on which I do nothing only obey the call of God and worship Him.
He does all the rest.
He comes in His wonderful presence and sets the people free.
And I'm sure it will be a learning process until I meet Him face to face.