Hello everyone

Last Wednesday
I was told I was invited to preach with Luis as my translator to a small town called San Juan.
I kept hearing the word garden only for the pueblo of San Juan. So I pulled out my notes from Pucallpa & began to study them.
Pastor David & Pepe called Luis & I to tell us early that same day for the evening service. 

Just the day before on a construction site with his uncle I said to him he would be translating sooner than he thought.
I didn't know at that time how prophetic that was Luis has been preparing himself for this knowing he is called to
translate for me, but this would be his first time translating preaching. He has been translating for me for other things before this only.
It was prophesied we would work together in ministry confirming what God has spoken to us individually.

Without studying any notes, Luis did a great job translating. That night I did not give an invitation for salvation.
& out of 20 people there, 1 came forward to receive Christ. I always stand in awe how the Holy Spirit grabs hold of the hearts 
of the people. I gave an invitation for the believers to stand if they wanted to see God move greater in their lives.
I spoke to them how to attain this, then praying over each one. A few words of prophecy & a vision for the pastor of an over flowing 
fountain from him carried out into the streets. What a vision of encouragement to this pastor. This night to preach was a hard one for me because to me it didn't seem to flow as I expected. But evidence that God was at work & the anointing of God was the salvation of a precious soul & the wonderful vision for the

Some of you I have not heard from in a while please email me & let be know your still alive;)
Lauree Rudolph

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