UPDATE for August-September-October 2005

This update takes the place of the 3rd quarter news letter
For the last few months have been too busy to actually sit down to write anything. The internet cafe where I usually would go to do my publishing of my newsletters has changed So much that it has made it very hard to upload photos and what-not So now I am looking into getting the internet back into the house

The telephone company is not making this an easy installation. They never seem to have any installation kits on hand and I don't care to bribe someone just to get the internet


Seems to have came and went so fast

Lots of planning and finalizing on the schedule for the Florida team that would soon be here in October

A couple of prophetic dances this month for the church's events

The productions ministry busy as always making videos this month


Was a full month of the continuing planning and getting ready for the Florida team to come invade the jungle of Peru

Many phone calls and letters, documents written up for all the events that would be to take place

A few production orders were filled with video and audio to help on-going ministries in the Smyrna Church this month.

A trip to Cococho for ministry with salvations healings as well as good fellowship of the 3000 that gathered for the 1 week event


The team from Florida was here for a couple of weeks with a full schedule

they started out with the title of The Fire and the Glory

īThe teams time here consisted of crusades, a pastors conference and lots of church events

The best report was when the team was in Papaplaya

We saw 150 people receive Jesus as their Saviour

This makes up 10 percent of the entire population of this community!!!!!!!!!!!

To God be the glory!

Thank you

Always thank you to Barbara and George of wings of victory ministry for their ongoing prayerful and financial support

To light of Calvary church members who just blessed me with a new frigate for my birthday, thanks so much guys

To my mother and her church groups support and to all of you who are helping the best way I know........ in prayer

Prayer moves mountains

And speaking of prayer...I have a big prayer request

The government of Peru just issued 2 months ago the all people from the United States can not receive Peruvian citizenship

This was a desire to have a dual-citizenship which would save on so much money and many hassles

Now I am concerned about my yearly visa renewal

With such a drastic move on the part of the Peruvian government, I can only wonder what is next

There was also some news I found to be not good

One of the government officials wants to make cocaine legal in the south of Peru

This for me is un-thinkable

I know with prayer God can change things, so please help me pray for these 2 issues, and Thanks so much