First arriving back in Peru I stayed in the capital city of Lima for 10 days setting up contacts for when my container, my belongings from the States that were shipped to Peru on a ship. Also, I began working on getting my residential visa.
I found that my container would take at least a month before arriving in Lima for pick up. While in Lima God was revealing a new message to be preached for a later date.
Getting back to Tarapoto --was so good to be home again.
Construction was underway for the security walls in the back yard of my home. Before leaving for the States I bought a house in Tarapoto. Only lived in it 5 days before returning to the states last time.
Rachel, my little sister in Christ, moved in with me to run the house for me, leaving more time for me to be in ministry.
I received a call from a friend who is also a missionary in Peru to come to Pucallpa, another city in the jungle south of Tarapoto.
There was a conference underway with teams from the states involved.
The next day I left for Tarapoto and 2 days later I was on a small plane to Pucallpa. Of the 4 days I was there, that Saturday night I preached the message the Lord gave me in Lima.
Everyone came forward under the convicting hand of God.
There were many miracles & healings along with words of prophecy during the conference. It was a very successful trip, all for the glory of the Father So now it was good to be back to a place I have begun to call "home".
Returning back to Tarapoto, I found there was a Pastor's conference about to start in the Smryna Church (my home church). I met many new pastors, all of which want me to come to their church to preach. This has been a time of watching Gods hand set many things up for the future.
After being home in Tarapoto for a couple weeks I had news that my container had arrived in the port of Callao. Callao is in the south end of Lima. I was welcomed by Tio Lucho (one of my new family members in Lima) Luis, who has been called to work with me in the ministry, came with me to help me with my affairs from Tarapoto.
I also while in Lima at this time, worked on getting all paper work needed for my residential visa. These 2 weeks in Lima are going by very quickly.
When I arrive back in Tarapoto this time my papers for the registration of my house should be complete and ready to pick up. Once this is done I will have the necessary papers to begin getting my home phone connected in my house. Oh happy day! I will be letting you know when this happens & the phone number to my home will be given to you at that time.
The Lord has spoken to me to fast for 7 days after my return a couple days back in town. Please continue asking God for more intercessors. My team to travel with me is growing
A newsletter will coming out hopefully not much longer, possibly in a couple weeks. Thank you for your patience in receiving this update to what is happening in the ministry here in Peru. At times days are very hectic trying to get things established which I am working on to hopefully clear this up.

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