The Amazonian Strongest Man Contest
ON Thanksgiving Day  and the following day, Jose was entered into a strong mans' contest. You may have seen the same kind of contests on television. Well we had it live right from Tarapoto, ...our very own strong man contest. There were 10 men in the heaviest weight classification group which was the the group Jose participated in. 2 lower weight classifications were below the highest weighing group. They did everything from hauling cement weights, running with giant rocks flipping tires, to hauling vans. We've included some of our photos so you could take a little peek of the 2 days. It was a very tough contest but each day Jose came in first place in his timings, finishing first in 80 percent of all the different things they had to do.

I'm very proud of my husband.
These experiences like this and others in the future will be used as part of Jose's testimony in witnessing for Christ at crusade type events , with a salvation message that would follow...doing a type of solo  exhibition on trips of ministry for  times in the future to come.
1st Place Congradulations JOSE
for a Great Job well done!
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